Journeys – Piano Instrumental Album by Patrick Kronenberger on 13th OCT 2023


Introducing „Journeys“: A Captivating Instrumental Album by Platinum-Awarded Composer Patrick Kronenberger. Embark on an enchanting musical odyssey with „Journeys,“ the latest instrumental masterpiece from acclaimed composer Patrick Kronenberger. Known for his exceptional talent in crafting emotive arrangements, Patrick weaves together a collection of captivating melodies that will transport listeners to new dimensions of sound. PRESAVE […]

ALINA – HABIBI on Apr. 14th 2023 via K’ENT Records


„In einem anderen Leben, wäre ich deine gewesen“ The story of „Habibi“ isemotional and heartbreaking. A classic Romeo and Juliet drama. But this oneThe song is based on a true story: ALINA’s very personal one. It’s about thegreat unfulfilled love, which was never allowed to flower and yet you have a lifelong lovereminded of her. […]

Country Pop from Nashville Allie Gonino – GOOD MEN EP via K’ENT Records on October 7th, 2022

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Allie Gonino, the Texas-born actress has appeared in movies such as 10 Things I Hate About You , series like Navy CIS , Hawaii Five O , Scorpion  and  Lie To Me. But the US shooting star is also drawing attention musically and will be releasing her brand new EP “Good Men” exclusively, worldwide and via K’ENT Records on October 7th, 2022.