ALINA – HABIBI on Apr. 14th 2023 via K’ENT Records

„In einem anderen Leben, wäre ich deine gewesen“ The story of „Habibi“ is
emotional and heartbreaking. A classic Romeo and Juliet drama. But this one
The song is based on a true story: ALINA’s very personal one. It’s about the
great unfulfilled love, which was never allowed to flower and yet you have a lifelong love
reminded of her. Two worlds, two cultures meet in ALINA’s latest single,
which will be published on April 14, 2023.
But “Habibi” was not written by ALINA just recently. While the singer
“Habibi” met with less enthusiasm from the record company at the time, followed by ALINA
Within a very short time, this song went viral in ALINA’s fan community and social media. And so it was clear which song to follow
“Saying Thank You” will be released next.
ALINA is not only „your Habibi,“ but also the hope in German pop. With her new single „Habibi“, the singer with the emotional and powerful voice proves the musical variety she has in her.
her intuition and performed it at shows.
The song doesn’t fit into any drawer and takes the listener into another, yet
unknown world. It takes him on a magnificent journey full of beautiful pictures,
a dream of the Orient, a crazy sea of colors of feelings and after the last note of the
Songs bring you back to reality.
With “Habibi” ALINA presents her “greatest treasure” from her album that will be released in autumn and says: “

„Habibi“ will be released on April 14, 2023 via K’ENT Records (LC: 83681), digitally worldwide distribution: Kontor New Media.


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Genre: Pop,
Deutsch Länge: 02:59min


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