ALINA – Danke sagen on Dec. 2nd 2022 via K’ENT Records

ALINA is the hope in German pop music. The singer with the emotional and powerful voice once again proves with her new single „Danke sagen“, what an incredible talent she is. The Berlin based artist releases her most personal song this winter. The result is a power ballad, composed on point, with so much depth, feeling and dynamics that you hardly get to hear in Germany nowadays. „Danke sagen“ begins with gentle tones, accompanied by an intimate piano, guitar and cello and then advances to an absolute power anthem on an international level.

ALINA already succeeded in the German music scene. So she started her career in Berlin live music clubs and later successfully survived the think tanks of major record companies. As a lyricist for Helene Fischer, ALINA also remained true to her musical signature sound – and celebrated her first major success as a composer, too. With ALINA’s last song „selbstgemacht“ from the EP „Lavendelfelder“ she also built the foundation for her rise as a musical role model for a generation of strong women.


ALINA therefore dedicates “Danke sagen” to all those, who have not only accompanied her through numerous ups and downs. On December 2nd, 2022, the singer will publish a musical eulogy to all the big and small, loud and quiet „heart-people „Herzensmenschen“ and appeals that their love is not a matter of course.

Danke sagen will be released on December 2, 2022
via K’ENT Records (LC: 83681), worldwide digital,
Sales: Kontor New Media.
ISRC: DEPI82220740
EAN: 4056813465549
Genre: Pop, German
Length: 03:36 min